Green Gloves Amateur Boxing

Baptized By Blood dipping into the world of Amateur Boxing, bringing our NEW! GREEN GLOVES Amateur Boxing to the West Michigan Area. We will be announcing the dates and location of several tournaments and our YEAR END CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS.

We have begun contacting USA Boxing Certified gyms and their trainers to make their team available for our tournaments when we come to their home town. Our aim is to foster honest and entertaining competition for all ages and both genders in the sport of Amateur Boxing and to further promote the USA Boxing Values and mission.

“The mission of USA Boxing shall be to enable United States’ athletes and coaches to achieve sustained competitive excellence, develop character, support the sport of boxing, and promote and grow Olympic style boxing in the United States. The responsibility of USA Boxing is not only to produce Olympic gold, but also oversee and govern every aspect of amateur boxing in the United States.”

Baptized By Blood will continue to bring West Michigan Quality Unarmed Combat Sports and we are looking for new gyms and marketing partners to make it happen. Contact us here or on Facebook to join our TEAM!