Is this your Table? Fun Corporate Marketing

Is this your table? Should it be? If you are a Guerilla Marketer you know how to have great night out and promote your business at the same time?

Event marketing is one of the best forms of marketing a young guerilla marketing savvy company can do, It puts you in front of people in a fun, friendly environment, not some stiff, formal store or business office, where both you and your prospect can meet. This relaxed arena for sales will allow you a quick chance to meet and warm up to an event guest while they are relaxed and taking a break from the event and looking for a mild distraction…..YOU!

Take advantage of the fact that your new prospect wants to be distracted, but remember that desire to be distracted will not last long so use your best trick first or no later in the pitch than the second thing you show or you’ll loose them. Wow them, get them asking questions, get their contact info and follow up later, they are after all there for the event, not for you. So leave them wanting more.

You will find that the more events you do, the longer you commit to event marketing, the more of those who attend will wonder in to your store or place of business and spend their money because they have seen you enough to feel like your friend. Encourage this with special event deals or offers to get them into your store not just sell them a trinket. Selling them a trinket is best if that is your only product, but if your company has several great products, lead with good stuff and get them to your store by getting their info so you can follow up later.

if you are not a vendor your business can still benefit by having your logo and your staff seen at events. First it shows those at the event that you like the event they like, that you are community involved and that your company looks like its a fun place for your employees to work. Happy employees provide better service. It also gives the public the feeling that they know you and people like to do business with people they know, even if that knowledge is make believe. So take your team and go in corporate logos on coats and shirts and bring business cards, people will ask.

Here is a great place to start and get your feet wet with Event Marketing.  Baptized By Blood has a few great options for you and for your business. For just a few dollars more than a VIP table you can enjoy our Corporate VIP packages.

  • $350 will get you a VIP table with table service and your Corporate logo printed on a 8 x 11 sign
  • $500 get the above VIP Table with sign but also adds a vendors table and 2 extra tickets
  • $1,000 will include the above package plus your logo will appear on the outside corners of the cage.

All our details and partner info is available here.