Disciplinary Association Termination.

I do have sad news to announce also, today we were forced to terminate an associate for dishonesty, disloyalty and for trying to steal our kids gym, by going behind the backs of BBB and CFFO and attempting to book shows privately using our name and charity credentials and in a venue he said he was booking for our group, then lying to Pops face when asked about it.

You have more than likely seen his posts claiming he resigned from Baptized By Blood and KOSPORTS.TV, two things he was never a part of, but that is what he does. The last several promotions he was involved or associated with also had issues with him and his first response is always to go to Facebook and sling racial epithets and slurs, claim he was robbed and/or other fictitious malarky, and he has started his lunatic rantings again.

We were going to let this go quietly but when our brand name and integrity was called into question on Social media, a response was required. It saddens us that things must end like this but some people are only into things for themselves and have no desire to work with a team if it means sharing, even if it is for the kids he claims to care about.

BBB & CFFO Management