Baptized By Blood joins forces with CFFO Holland

At the last Directors Meeting of CFFO Holland, Roger Bouwman was made one of the directors. Roger is the new owner of Baptized By Blood and has been challenged to bring BBB into the world of over regulated amateur MMA and USA Boxing. In doing so it was necessary to join forces with CFFO and to bring the Baptized By Blood Brand to the well-known fight promotions team of CFFO.

CFFO Holland is a conduit for troubled youth to find their way through participating in Unarmed Combat sports like boxing and MMA as well as teaching them the business of sports marketing, video, and broadcasting. our mission now is to acquire a gym for our group of “Misfits” to call home and in doing so we are going to be announcing our new and updated fight schedule.

By the end of this week we will have Boxing matches to announce, so if you are ready and willing to box in October, we may be able to keep you busy. These fights are a fundraiser for our down payments on a huge Gym/offices/church.

We are all very excited and praying for the strength and perseverance to make this happen and your support will be a welcomed blessing.