Baptized By Blood Fight Leagues

The Mission of Baptized By Blood is to provide a safe, well attended, Mixed Martial Arts Contest to allow qualified Amateur MMA Fighters a consistent and dependable Fighting Contest platform for them to develop and display their fighting skills and advance themselves into the ranks of Big Dollar Professional MMA organizations like XFC, UFC and Bellator.

My name is Roger Bouwman, I am a Licensed Professional Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight Promoter in the State of Michigan and my associates are WKA & USA Boxing Registered. We run and operate two local Charities using the fights help fund them and support the kids our charities help.

The Stop Popping Foundation is an anti opiate Prescription drug abuse program that tours Jr & Sr High Schools and Colleges. Our other charity is CFFO of Holland, organized to be a conduit for helping troubled youth by teaching them fighting and the fight business. We provide classes in sales, promotion, filming and video production. Both Charities are designed to help today’s youth get a great start and our events a place to demonstrate their talents in the cage/ring or in business and marketing.

These young adults come from lower income households, from broken homes, from single parent families, some even have had run ins with the law but they discovered they can change their own lives. They have found direction and discipline through their trainers and fighting leagues they affiliate with and fight for. Regular drug testing and a strict code of conduct has forced lifestyle changes and helped teach these young men and woman to set goals and to go after those goals.

We were created in Battle Creek to help support our returning Vets and still raise funds for those in need. Our name, Baptized By Blood,  is in reference to the soldiers who fought for and died for our freedoms. They were Baptized By Blood during combat and our fighters work hard to carry on that tradition of fighting for freedom here at home by serving the public good in ways to numerous to list.

We are Michigan’s #1 Charity Fight League. We are based on Michigan’s West Side and are looking to expand to the 48 contiguous States and Canada by the end of 2017. We are always looking for marketing partners and associates and welcome you to check us out and join our team.


Baptized By Blood

We take FIGHTING for a CAUSE to the EXTREME!